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Do you recognise the need to dedicate more effort on HR matters? But find it hard to justify employing HR personnel?


We are an HR Consulting and Outsourcing firm operating in Kenya dedicated to provide tailor made HR solutions to clients operating in different fields. We strive to ensure that clients have the peace they need during the discharge of their duties.

Our industry-knowledge, processes and experience gives us the ability to deliver tangible impact to many organisation.

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Our Services

Payroll Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing

HR Policy Development

Recruitment & Selection

Compliance With Statutory Obligation


this is what you can expect

Peace of Mind

Our collaborative and transparent approach help to ensure a seamless transition of employees. As an extension of your team, we are available to work onsite or virtual

Flexible Solutions

While your business grow, so many things changes too. We change with you. We provide answers that you can trust and help your business and employees grow.

Scalable Approach

We are highly flexible and adapt our approach to each engagement . We will work with you to design a service delivery mode that meets your business objective and is compatible to your culture.

Value Addittion

Our return on investment for your business is excellent. We provide you with value of each shilling you will have invested.

Excellent Client Service

We provide unrelenting and immediate responses to "calls" from clients whenever needed.

Business & People Safety

Partnering with us not only will your business be safe, but also the employees.

“You will have peace of mind and be able to concentrate on other important duties.

Our clients

We Are World Class HR Experts

We provide companies of any size with on-site human resources support services specifically tailored to fit your needs.

Professional Employer Organisation (PEO)

This service enables the client to fully outsource the entire HR functions to us. We accomplish and perform all HR functions under our company name thereby assuming full legal responsibilities of the employees. We provide services through a co-employment relationship where we become the employer of records for compliance purposes while the client becomes the onsite employer.



The client outsources or transfers app or part of recruitment activities to us. We manage the entire recruitment / hiring process from job profiling through to the on boarding of the new hire. This service improves the client`s time to hire, increases the quality of the candidates metrics, reduces recruitment cost and improve compliance.


Administrative Service Organisation (ASO)

As administrative Service Organisation, we offer similar services as those of Professional Employer Organisation, the difference is all those services offered  are done under the client`s name. The client retains all the employment related liabilities.                                                 


This service enables us to handle the administrative and compliance functions of paying employees. Depending on client`s need, the payroll function outsourced to us include:- Running payroll and making employees pay and withholding deductions. Paying employees cash, depositing funds directly into the employee`s bank account or issuing cheques. Calculating payroll taxes and making tax withholding payments. Filling government and other statutory returns.


We help clients build best-in-industry human resource practices and policies and then work with them to implement them the right way. Together with the client, we identify ways to communicate appropriate workplace policies and practices that keep the client compliant. We will work alongside you to create customized, clear, easily-adhered-to policies.                                                                                                                                                                                                     


We offer both onsite and offsite training programs for employees. The training is customised based on the client`s preference. We also access employees skills and recommend training needs in relevant areas to keep their skills and competence updated.

this is what you can expect

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