Don`t Stress Out Your Employees

Naturally, most if not all jobs can be stressful at times. That’s a given fact. And, occasionally, working for a small organisation can be more stressful. This is mainly because the organisation has such a small team that every task you perform is important and visible to everyone. One little mistake can have an impact on the business as a whole.

The thing is, there’s a difference between your employees having one particularly stressful day and being constantly stressed. People who are always stressed and are worried about work become less productive over time. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, they may end up spending more time stressing over what needs to get done or how to please a certain boss who is difficult to handle.

So, to ensure your employees aren’t completely stressed out, here’s some advice.

Let them take their breaks

Yes, a lunch break is clearly in their contract and you have no problem with them taking some time to eat and maybe take a walk. But, the reality is, many employees sit at their desks and eat. You need to create a working environment where your staff feels comfortable leaving their work space during the day for a short while. And it doesn’t just need to be during meal time. They may also want to have a few moments outside to drink their coffee or smoke cigarette or even catch up with the outside world.

This may not seem like the most productive use of time, but allowing your staff to clear their heads means they’ll be more focused once they return to their desk.  

Ensure you have the right systems and processes in place

Having correct processes could be beneficial and help reduce stress at workplace. Systems and processes refer to how the business is run, how tasks are assigned and who perform what function. Good systems have checks and balances in place that make sure one person isn’t receiving other people’s workload. Good processes ensure that every person has capacity for the work they are assigned.

Processes also make sure that certain staff members aren’t handing off work to their colleagues without notifying those in charge. This all works together to ensure that no single employee has a workload they can’t handle.

Allow them have a little fun

People who enjoy their jobs are less likely to get stressed. Laughter and relaxed chatter take away tension. “Fun” doesn’t necessarily mean throwing your staff a party every other week. It simply means not giving employees dirty looks when you hear them getting a bit loud at the coffee machine. Or maybe even having drinks on the last Saturday of the month or getting pizza for lunch. Okay, I know this may sound like something you wouldn’t normally encourage in the workplace but it is also important to consider.

Final thoughts

Allow your employees` “time to breathe” and work freely. Give them the space they need so that they can be productive and enjoy what they do. Remember, employees spend most of their time at workplace so it is imperative for them to be happy.

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