Leaders v/s Bosses – The Distinction

Leaders and bosses are respected people in the society. They both hold positions of influence. But did you know that there is a big difference between these two words? The distinction between these two words are beyond compare. Here is the difference between these two words……………

Leaders says WE, while bosses will say I. Bosses are blinded by pride, while leaders can really see. A leader always ask, bosses command. A boss points fingers but a leader extends a hand. A boss says go, leaders say let`s go. Leaders consider ideas, bosses say heck no. A boss puts you down, leaders will lift you up. Leaders give love, bosses don’t give a what! Bosses use and abuse people, leaders groom people. Leaders look for what is good inside and improve people. Leaders have mastered the art of inspiration; bosses have mastered the art of manipulation. A boss yells and screams like they are on a TV show; a leader treats a cleaner like the CEO. Bosses are compassionate and know that the community comes first; bosses think culture is something only found in food etc. Ask yourself this question but have you ever heard of a world boss or is it world leader? Or religious leader or community leader, business leader. A leader is who we should be, a boss is just meager. As entrepreneurs, we have a big responsibility; I believe we are the only ones we can save our world. Literally, we, not politicians, not government, we wont do religiously, we do it through serving our clients best needs individually.Leadership is a higher call; we are here to work for a dream. Profit comes when we are committed to the vision and we will have the biggest ROI. Return on intention.So I sincerely hope we change our ways and overcome our obstacles!!


A leader

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